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Fact: Nearly 60% of small companies go out of business following a hack, and 71% of all cyber assaults occur at businesses with under 100 workers.

Are you confident that your business is fully protected from a hack?

If you have any shred of doubt, it’s probably time for you to invest in an all-in-one cloud security solution designed to protect your business data in case of a hack. Client antivirus software, such as TrendMicro WorryFree enterprise solutions, is simple, safe, and easy to manage.

  • Simple — Protecting your computer and mobile devices has never been easier. Using a Cloud App Security solution, you’ll ensure maximum protection that is easy to set-up and seamless to add users or devices. This all-in-one solution offers endpoint and web security. It also offers automatic updates and low maintenance at an affordable monthly rate.
  • Safe — There’s a reason they call it a “worry free business security” solution. Powered by XGen, TrendMIcro uses a variety of threat protection techniques to eliminate gaps in all aspects of your system. This type of security “progressively filters” out threats using efficient and accurate detection techniques.
  • Easy to Manage — Managing your devices is the most important facet. All too often unmanaged clients go without updates to the software and virus definitions making that client the weakest link in your security chain. TrendMicro’s management console allows you a single pane of glass to see the status of all of your protected clients as well as scheduled reporting and alerting allowing you to correct the issue before the client and your network become vulnerable.

Why Your Business Needs TrendMicro

TrendMicro is a 100% SaaS solution — meaning your small business can save money by avoiding costly installation and maintenance of in-house server solutions.


If you’re interested in around-the-clock threat visibility and protection, perhaps it’s time to explore what TrendMicro security and NSDS can do for you.


Today’s IT threat landscape is constantly advancing leaving IT infrastructure more vulnerable than ever. North Shore Data Services deploys layers of security including Network Security appliances and SaaS security services like TrendMicro to protect all of your IT infrastructure. Contact us today by calling 978-988-0201 or by opening a ticket with our help desk at

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, North Shore Data Services offers remote help for our clients. If on-site work is required, we will adhere to the safety protocols and best practice guidelines set out by the CDC and individually governed state mandates.