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Just like a gate prevents anyone from entering your yard, a captive portal allows you to control users before they enter your website, or access your internet connection.


Captive portals, which are essentially personal landing pages, are very common for business centers, airports, coffee shops and more. They are most commonly used by venues that offer free Wi-Fi hot spots.


The following are a few reasons why your business should consider using a wireless captive portal:


  1. Throttle Unwanted Users — Too many users on your internet connection can slow it down. A wireless captive portal allows you to control who is on your Wi-Fi, and for how long.
  2. Gain User Consent — A captive portal also allows you to get users to agree to an “acceptable use policy” when they are either using your Wi-Fi or interacting with your website.
  3. Collect User Data — If you’re in the game of lead generation, a captive portal will allow you to capture user information such as locations and email addresses.
  4. Being Social — A captive portal also allows you to install a social login, which means a user can access your Wi-Fi or website using a Facebook login, for example. This allows you to capture valuable user data related to their social media profiles.
  5. Branding & Promotions — Not only is a captive portal a great way to further your marketing and branding propositions, but it’s also a smart way to highlight promotions you may be offering.


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