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Ever heard of DNS-Hijacking? Have any idea what it is or just how vulnerable you are?


A DNS-hack, otherwise known as a DNS-redirect attack, is an incredibly common form of a cyber-attack targeting vulnerabilities in your domain name system and enables a hacker to forcibly redirect your online traffic towards a fake website or display alternate content and then steal your private data, as well as potentially that of your customers.


But, understanding the intricacies of such an attack can be incredibly complicated and cumbersome. It’s more important to know what you should do to prevent one from happening to you.


A simple Google search reveals DNS-redirect attacks happen quite frequently to a variety of different targets. A few of the more notable attacks involved hackers targeting WikiLeaks and The New York Times, not to mention one of the most famous DNC attacks in recent years involving a New Hampshire-based DNS-provider that caused major sites including Amazon, Twitter, and Reddit to drop offline for hours.


But while there’s not foolproof way to prevent these kinds of attacks, you can take certain countermeasures. These include


  • Choose a domain registrar that offers multi-factor authentication or the ability to lock DNS settings


  • Keep your DNS-resolver private & protected


  • Enhance your cybersecurity for cache poisoning


  • Manage your DNS-servers securely


But unless you are confident that your in-house IT team can handle your site’s security, it’s in your best interest to outsource to a trusted IT-security provider. An experienced IT solutions provider can shore up your DNS security and configure your DNS settings in such a way that you’re less vulnerable to an attack.


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