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No one is immune to email fraud. Not Apple. Not Sony. Not the Democratic National Committee. Not even governmental organizations in charge of some of the most sensitive information in the world. Not you and definitely not anyone at your company.


According to Proofpoint’s 2018 Edition of Surviving Email Fraud: A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Organization, more than 22,000 organizations have fallen victim to email fraud since 2015—losing an estimated $3.08 billion in the process.


A constant threat, these digital fraudsters are constantly on the hunt for more victims — growing more sophisticated with their phishing and spoofing scams, among other things. Could your company be next?


How to Protect Your Organization


Protecting your organization is all about communicating potential threats to your people, implementing a sound email utilization process and investing into the best technology and latest threat protection software available.


As a leading cybersecurity company, Proofpoint recommends creating a checklist of actions your company should take to prevent an attack. These measures include things like training for your employees or implementing new rules within the workplace.


The checklist should also include how your company will recover and get back to business should an attack occur. Examples of this including; contacting your bank(s), notify law enforcement, re-assess training and more.


A Sound Email Fraud Prevention Solution


While communicating to your people and updating your processes is important, make sure you invest in the technology you believe is best to protect your company. These days, basic email filtering simply is no longer enough.


Today’s most advanced email solutions must be as sophisticated as the threats themselves. A good security solution should be able to identify and quarantine impostor emails before they reach your or your employee’s inboxes.


Proofpoint’s Email Filtering, Encryption and Hyper-Link Protection is second to none.  North Shore Data Services’ IT experts are skilled in implementing Proofpoint solutions for our customers. Contact us today by calling 978-988-0201 or by opening a ticket with our help desk at

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